The Big Day

Tonight I have that Last Day of Summer Vacation feeling in the pit of my stomach. I start my new job tomorrow. I’m excited about the new field, the new opportunity, the new beginning. I’m SUPER excited that I’m putting this whole shitty situation behind me.

And I’m making a few resolutions for this new job. At my last job, I checked my personal email throughout the day, Facebook every couple hours and read blogs quite a bit. I’m going to try my hardest not to do that at this job. I know that had nothing to do with getting laid off, but for karma’s sake, I want to try and abstain if at all possible. Now, I still might check my personal email here and there (I’m an email addict, I admit it), but I really don’t need to know what Dooce or the Heir to Blair is up to while I should be working. We’ll see if this works out.

I made REALLY good friends at my last job. One in particular is a lifelong friend, I know this. But at the same time, I’m a little worried that I let myself get too close to co-workers. So I’m going to try and scale back a bit. Let a bit less of my personal life out there for all to see. This is my version of self-preservation. The sad ending to my last job hurt extra because I felt a betrayal by people who I thought had my back- who threw me a baby shower when I was pregnant, who made me food to eat during my maternity leave. I’d like to avoid a few of those mistakes in the past.

Other than that, I can’t think of much else I’d change. I’ve bought some dressy clothes since I can’t wear jeans to work like I did every day at my last job. I’ve got a new hair cut and color. And a can of soup in my purse. I would say I’m ready to go.


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