Showing My Age

Ok, I don’t want to go all Golden Girl on you guys, but what is with young people these days?

There are a lot of young people at my new job. Specifically young girls. Fresh out of college. With names like McKenzie and Caitlin. Um, weren’t those names popular like 10 years ago? How are they old enough to legally work? And how can you take someone seriously in a business atmosphere with a name like McKayla?

“Oh, I got the financial documents from McKayla so I’m sure everything is perfect. There’s no better fact-checker than McKayla. Except for maybe Izzy.”

And what is up with the way these girls speak? Especially on the phone.


“Yeah, well like, I already told him that. And he was like, ‘Ok, that’s cool!’ Ok? ‘k byeeee!”

Considering you apparently need a bachelor’s degree to be an administrative assistant, don’t you think colleges would teach proper phone etiquette? Yeesh.

Ok, I sound so old and crabby I’m seriously scaring myself.

One more thing. This morning I heard one of the fresh-out-of-college girls saying that she didn’t like the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. What? My ears immediately perked up because I love that movie. It’s awesome.

She said, “That movie was cool when I was a kid, but not anymore.”

When you were in a kid? Sheesh, ok maybe I am old. And in that case, it’s way past my bedtime.


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