Adapted Christmas Decorating

We love, love, love this time of year. Decorating our house is a big part of it. BUT. Having a super active, climby, rambunctious and sometimes straight up naughty 20-month old has forced us to change some of the ways we decorate for Christmas.

Last year Riley was 9 months old on Christmas and he liked our tree, but would just crawl over to it, tentatively touch an ornament, giggle and crawl away.

Not this year, though.

We decided we should prevent any possible catastrophes before they even happened, so, while Derek put up the decorations on the outside of the house and the man napped, I tackled the inside.

First problem? The stockings. They’re hung from really heavy metal stocking-hanger-thingies. I knew one tug of the stocking and the whole heavy thing would plop on his noggin. So I put them up high. They look weird. But oh well.

Not exactly hung by the chimney with care, but at least there will be no concussions this holiday season.

The tree obviously posed another problem and I kept having visions of it falling on top of him, simultaneously poking his eye out and breaking the old ornaments from my great grandma.

So basically, I put all the breakable ornaments at the tip top, attached the tree to the curtain rod with fishing wire and am hoping for the best.

And yes, the bottom of the tree is a little barren. I guess we have more fancy schmancy ornaments than kid-friendly ornaments. Oh well.


So yeah, it may not be decorated ideally, but for us this year, it’s perfect.

And seeing Riley’s face and we showed him what Santa and the elves did while Riley napped, it was priceless. But if all of our ornaments make it til next year, it just might be a miracle.


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