Why I Love My Husband

Ok, I’m not going to list all the reasons on this here blog, but this will give you the idea:

* Because he gave me the cutest little boy in the history of little boys.

* Because he has a beard and awesome tattoos and he drives around with this in his car:


Even when he’s driving his other tattooed, bearded friends around. Ain’t no shame in this daddy’s game. (It’s a mirror so he can see Riley while he’s driving, in case you can’t tell. And it’s a monkey.)

* Because he purposely listens to Christmas music while he works. (And just told me that the cast of Glee is “slaughtering Christmas” while I watch my DVR episode of this week’s show).

* Because he can drink a half gallon of chocolate milk in one sitting.

* Because he makes up the funniest songs about me, Riley, Lola, driving, eating, drinking, swearing. He will make up a funny song just about anything.

* Because he’s hot and I married up.




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