Oh Happy Day

This may make me sound incredibly old (again) but we got new windows this weekend and it makes me soooo happy! Not only do we have brand, spanking new energy efficient windows that make our house look brighter and nicer, but they are one of the best things that came out of a crappy situation.

Back in mid-September, we ordered new windows for our house. We had been wanting to do it for the full three years we’ve lived here. Our house was built in 1950. The windows are original. They are old and nasty and drafty. They had to go. However, windows are expensive, in case you didn’t know. Even though Derek, my dad and other friends and relatives could install them. We could never save up enough to pay for them outright.

So back in September, we measured and ordered the windows. We weren’t positive how we’d pay for them, but we figured we’d put them on our credit card, which is never a good idea. The next day I lost my job.

We quickly canceled the order and I mourned our shiny new windows and cursed the nasty old ones at the same time. I just couldn’t stomach the thought of making it through another winter with these crappy windows.

And then November came. And a job offer. The day I accepted my current job, we ordered the windows. And yesterday, they were installed. And it was a happy day:

What? It’s December and there’s a huge gaping hole in my bedroom? No biggie!

The good news? Our new window are paid in full thanks to my severance money from my horrible layoff three months ago. Yes, we would have gotten new windows either way, but we would not have been able to pay them off in full immediately had I not been laid off. Now I’m not nearly optimistic enough to see this as the silver lining in this ginormous cloud. But I can appreciate it.

So yes, I’m super excited for our new windows. And if that makes me old. That’s ok.

Before? Frosty, moldy 60 year old windows:

After? New, energy efficient, energy credit eligible! Hooray!


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