Best Buy Vent

Now that Christmas has come and gone and Derek knows that I got him a big ass TV for Christmas, I can share this story.

After researching it for quite a while, I found the perfect TV at Best Buy. Great reviews, great price, ok, I’ll take it! So after work one night, I made my move.

I asked the salesman if he thought it would fit in my trunk. It was a 40″ TV and I drive a Ford Focus. He said that if it didn’t, they could hold it for me and I could come back and get it. So I paid for it, and was helped outside to see if it would fit in my car. It didn’t.

So over to customer service I went. They wheeled the TV behind the counter and began to fill out a hold slip for me.

Have you ever noticed that everyone who works at Best Buy is about 16 years old? When did this happen? Even two weeks before Christmas, there is no one in CUSTOMER SERVICE who is older than 18. Remember that. It will come back to bite me soon.

So little Jeremy filled my info out on a bright red hold slip and told me to come back tomorrow and bring my receipt.

So I did.

I drove our SUV over to pick up the TV after work. I marched over to customer service and informed little Ashley that I was there for my TV. Sweet little baby Ashley looked perplexed, confused and a little bored as she wandered around, asked about four other 16-year olds and they were all like, “I don’t know.”

So my TV was nowhere to be found. I explained to dear little Ashley that I was just there 24 hours earlier, that Jeremy wrote my name on a red slip and put it on my TV that was sitting right there.

She ended up calling Jeremy at home (one of the other little girls had his number in her cell phone) and what a shock! Little Jeremy had no recollection of it! And didn’t care! No way!

I wasn’t all that surprised because when I was 15, 16, 17, I worked retail. And I didn’t care either!

So for the third time, I explained to some other dude behind the counter what had happened the day before. TV didn’t fit in my car. They filled out a hold slip with my name and told me to come back with my receipt.

“I believe you,” he said, patronizing me. AUGH! I don’t need you to believe me! I thought. I’m not lying! Besides, you were born in 1994, what do you know?

So as time kept ticking and I kept standing there, my mind started wandering. I heard Ashley talking on her little headset saying, “So what should I tell her?”

They’re not going to give me a TV, I thought. I just paid hundreds of dollars and now I’m going to leave here empty handed because stupid ass Best Buy only hires 12-year olds who don’t care.

And just like that, with no explanation, Ashley said, “Ok, they’re bringing it up.”

Red-faced and shaking, I thought of many choice words to say to Ashley, most of them from the NC-17 movies that she is probably not allowed to see.

Instead I just said, “Thanks” and went up to the front.

Now at Best Buy, as I”m sure you know, they have a dude who checks receipts. Hey, he’s older than the kids working in customer service? What the hell? So I walk over there and notice that he’s talking to a cop.

Oh yes, there’s more.

So since I was just quickly picking up a TV I had already paid for and was being held for me, I just pulled our SUV up to the front instead of parking. I’m not lazy at all, I just really thought I’d quickly be in and out and wouldn’t have to wait for someone to bring up my TV. I thought it would still be behind the counter. However, now about 20 minutes had passed with my car in front of Best Buy.

So I told the dude that someone was bringing up a TV for me and the cop goes, “Is the white truck yours?”

“Yeah, do I need to move it?”

He smirked and said, “No, if they’re bringing it up, you’re fine.” Then he left.

The receipt checker guy goes, “You almost got a ticket.”

Too flustered, pissed and shocked to defend myself, I didn’t say anything and probably looked like a lazy person.

So in closing, I hate Best Buy. Maybe employ some people over 18 and you would’ve retained this customer. Oh, and learn how to hold a damn TV.


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