My First Born Pup

So, I’ve written about this day before here. We adopted Lola three years ago today from the Wisconsin Humane Society. She was so cute. Case in point:

Now it’s no secret that she has gotten less attention and walks since Riley was born. But she’s definitely gotten more table food, thanks to a certain little boy who thinks there’s nothing funnier than watching her eat the food he throws on the floor.

We’re so thankful for this dog, though. Yes, she will jump on you excitedly when you come over. Yes, she will probably bark or at least whine and cry a bit when the doorbell rings.

But she also will rest her head on my leg and look at me lovingly while I sit on the couch.

She will let Riley take the bone or toy right out of her mouth without batting an eyelash.

She reminds us of the simple joys of life like a fenced-in backyard, a flying squirrel, a good walk, and a frozen turd or two in the backyard. But we won’t talk about that part.

So thanks for being a great dog, Lola! My New Years Resolution is to make sure you know how much you’re loved.

And I hope you always find that perfect section of sunshine streaming in the living room.


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