A Freakin Winter Wonderland

So, we live in Wisconsin. It snows here. A lot. It gets cold here, too. Really cold. And the winters are long. Oh, are they long. So there comes a time, usually around mid-January, when you have to decide that either winter is here for the next four months, we might as well make the most of it, or, I’m just going to lay down and die because it will never be warm again.

This weekend, we chose the former. We bundled Riley up in his new snowpants, his new boots, his warm, waterproofed mittens, his monster hat and his fluffy winter coat, and out we went. Derek bought him a girly purple sled. It was the only one left at the store. Apparently other people chose to make the most of this season, too.

The man was not the biggest fan of the sled, though. As soon as we set him in it, before we could even drag it down the tiny slope in our backyard, he was hollering, “All done! All done!” So much so that I have no pictures of him in it. The horror.

The snow itself, though? He loved it. Does this look like the face of a kid who cares that we may have snow for the next 4 months?

He had the best time. He ate snow. He threw snow at the dog. He threw snow at himself. He threw snow at his parents.

It was one of those days that parents remember when he stays out past curfew. When he dents my car. It was one of those perfect childhood moments.

And then, because life is not always a warm and fuzzy happy place of freely frolicking in the snow on a Saturday morning, we had to shovel the driveway.

But because we have the funniest, most awesome little toddler boy in the world, he somehow made that fun, too.

Since we’re down to one shovel, Daddy needed to use it and Riley threatened to melt down right there in the driveway.

But then! Derek remembered the oar! In the summer Riley loved playing with it, and it turns out, he loves playing with it in the winter, too.

So he “helped” shovel the driveway with an oar. An oar that his father unknowingly stole from a Canadian campground a few years ago.

And see this little dog?

This happy little pup who loves the snow? Well to further prove that life is not perfect, I took her to the vet today for her yearly check up and she’s ….10 pounds overweight! Ugh. I foresee more arctic walks in our future and more time frolicking in the snowy backyard. Hooray for winter!



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