New Garage Door

Editor’s Note: You are officially old when getting a new garage door makes you as happy as getting to sleep in until 10 a.m. used to make you.

Our house is old. Our garage door is just as old as our house. So it was no surprise at all when the heavy wooden door stopped automatically opening with a sad-sounding creak one day. Derek checked out the garage door opener and discovered that was from 1995, so of course, it needed to be replaced.

However, this is the garage door we were dealing with:

I guess from afar it doesn’t look too bad. But the glass in one of the windows is cracked, it doesn’t close evenly because the wood is warped, and it’s really, really heavy.

We decided it’s time for a new door. We are perpetual DIY-ers.  We’ve done almost every remodeling project in our house ourselves. 1. Because we are cheap. And 2. Because my husband is uber-handy and enjoys getting his hands dirty.

Since I got a new job, we actually have money to spare. So, woohoo! Let’s hire someone to give us not only a new garage door opener, but a new whole garage door! So that’s what we did.

While Derek sat in the warm house, worked and played with Riley, and while I was at work, some dude came and gave us a new garage door. And it is glorious!

Why, hello there garage door from this century. I think I love you.

Being a do-it-yourself-er is great and all, but sometimes, just sometimes, it’s really really great to let someone else do the dirty work. I could get used to this.



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