First Haircut

And no, I didn’t cry!

It’s been pretty obvious for a while now that Riley needed his hairs cut. He had a little rat tail going on in the back and he hated how his hair would get into his eyes, forcing him to brush it away, all exasperated-like. All signs pointed to – time for his first haircut.

This is the little boy who was a cue ball until he was about 15 months old. Here he is at 6 months:

And here, on his first birthday:

Finally, we started to see a little hair (notice the Packer outfit).

So we decided, he needed his first haircut. And it became a production.

It was Grandma, Auntie, Riley and me. We went to a hoity toity children’s salon where he could watch cartoons and wear a race car cape during the cut.

At the tail end of a pretty bad cold, I went against my better judgement and didn’t cancel the appointment. He cried the whole way there.

Once we got inside, he was ok. He actually sat still and was generally ok during the cut. He cried at one point, but mostly, he was just perplexed. The furrowed brows say it all:


But he suffered through it, the baby mullet is gone, and some of his sweet curls remain.


Check one more piece of babyhood off the list.


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