Swab the…

…dog’s mouth. (Possibly one of the weirdest sentences ever, right?)

So, we adopted our dog, Lola, from the humane society a few years ago. They told us she is a German shepherd mix. She really doesn’t look like a shepherd. The vet thinks she might be part beagle. We would really like to know what she is, once and for all. Here’s a reminder of what she looks like:

Enter doggie DNA.

For $30, we bought this little kit. We fill out a little form about her, including her age, the date that we adopted her (why, I have no idea), her gender, etc. Welcome to the 21st century of pet ownership.

We then had to swab the inside of her cheek with a long Q-tip type thing. It was just like what those deadbeat dads have to go through on Maury Povich. Awesome!

And much like those deadbeat dads on Maury Povich, she did not enjoy getting her mouth swabbed. But we did it.

Now, we mail the Q-tips off to a lab and in 2 weeks, we’ll know what our dog is! It’s so exciting. I’ll keep you posted.


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