The Results Are In

And no, I’m not talking about American Idol (btw -this season looks like it’s going to be a snoozefest, in my opinion).

The results to which I am referring are the DNA results that tell us what breeds our Heinz 57 mutt is. I wrote about the Maury Povich-style DNA mouth swab here.

About three weeks later, a fat envelope showed up in the mailbox and my husband could not wait to open it. He IMed me at work asking if he could open it without me. I was dying to know, too, so I said go ahead.

To refresh your memory, here’s what Lola looks like.

When we adopted her from the humane society a few years ago, they told us she was a German shepherd mix. The vet thought she was part beagle, too.

Turns out, they were both right.

But not 100% right.

The Bio Pet lab results tell you the percentage of breed your dog is. Since Lola is a super mutt, like we knew all along, she isn’t more than 75% of any one breed. Here’s her breakdown:

74-37% German shepherd

20-36% Beagle

10-19% Parson Russell Terrier

Less than 10% Great Dane

Take a minute to let that sink in. Our 60 pound mutt is part Great Dane???? That’s the most hilarious thing I’ve ever heard. Mostly because my husband has always wanted a Great Dane. When we were looking at dogs at the humane society, a 6-month old Great Dane was waiting to be adopted. The dog already weight 80 pounds! I had to say no. (She was adopted before we left with Lola that day). Because they’re so big, Great Danes have shorter life spans. As someone who grew up with large dogs, I know the heartache of doggie arthritis and the sadness of having to put the family pet to sleep. One of the hardest things to do on earth.

But now I tell Derek that he finally got his Great Dane. Check that one off your bucket list, dear.

Through all this we also discovered Lola’s missing link. We couldn’t figure out where she got those cute, folded-over ears from. Now it appears that’s from the Parson Russell Terrier (a breed I had never heard of before). After a quick Google image search, there it was!


And here’s Lola as a puppy, before she grew into her ears.







I think we have found the missing link in Lola’s DNA. And the next time someone asks what kind of dog Lola is when we’re at the park, I’m going to say she’s a Great Dane.


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