Home Depot Vent

Seems like only yesterday I posted my Best Buy Vent. And now I’ve got a new one. Call me Andy Rooney. I’m crabby and I want the world to know.

As I’ve written a million times before, we are die-hard do-it-yourself-ers. However, we decided to pay someone to install new carpet in our three bedrooms. We would move out all the furniture, fix the squeaky floorboards and they would install the carpet.

When we bought our house, we ventured to a fancy schmancy carpet place, completely unaware of how expensive carpeting can be. If a carpet salesman approaches you wearing a suit, immediately leave the store. It’s too expensive.

So this time around, we decided to head to our tried and true Home Depot. We found some carpet we both liked, picked out the top of the line carpet pad and ordered it up. Only $37 for installation? Score!

Our Home Depot uses a third-party carpet installer, who came to our house last Tuesday to measure and let us know the exact cost. $1500. Yowza. Is it normal to spend $500 per room for carpeting? I don’t know. Maybe?

But it turns out the cost didn’t matter too much. Because even though we told Home Depot when we ordered that our house was built in 1950, they never asked what our subfloors were made of. If they had, we would have told them that we think they’re asbestos tile underneath the current carpet. But they didn’t ask and we frankly, didn’t even think of it. We had to pay $35 for the installer to come and measure and we did.

But then he sent us the quote for the carpet and in the quote it said that there is suspected asbestos subfloor in the bedrooms and it will need to be removed before they will agree to install our carpeting.

Ok, even I know that you do not rip up asbestos flooring. You cover it. If it’s undisturbed it poses no health hazards. So why do they want us to endanger our health by ripping up a potentially toxic floor? Who the hell knows? We found another place that will install no problem. Our one true love – Menard’s.

I don’t know why we ever considered straying.


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