Hip Parenting

That’s an oxymoron, right? We’re two years in to this parenting gig and I’d have to say yeah, it totally is. We try hard, though. But sometimes your little one just doesn’t care about being hip. Case in point:

He’s been rockin’ some shoes similar to these for a while now:

And people comment on how cool they are. We’ve just never been the teddy bear/Dora the Explorer kinds of parents. (Though he somehow knows who Dora is. What the hell? He’s never watched an episode of Dora. Something in the water ain’t clean here.)

Anyway, a few weeks ago at his little class, he saw a little boy in Elmo shoes. Try as we might, our little boy loves LOVES Elmo (in fact, at this very moment he’s drifting off to sleep in his crib nestled into some Elmo jammies.)

Well once Riley saw this little boy’s Elmo shoes, his face lit up. “Elmo!” he yelled, excitedly at the little boy, who stared at him, confused. Because kids aren’t conscious of what they’re wearing. Unless you’re my child. Then he knows. They looked like these….

Sigh. They’re not exactly skull and crossbone Vans. They’re not the funky Converse All Stars he’s been sporting for the past couple months. But seeing the way his face lit up when he saw these shoes, something tells me our little boy will be stomping around in these bad boys very soon.


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