A Compliment

I was talking with newlywed and engaged co-workers the other day. Talk always seems to shift to weddings when you get a group of girls together. I mentioned something about the song we danced our first dance to at our wedding (Faithfully by Journey, of course!), and I mentioned that we were married 5 years ago.

“You guys seem really in love for being married 5 years ago,” one of the girls said.

“Thanks,” I replied. “We are.”

But later I kind of laughed to myself when I thought about it. First of all, while 5 years of marriage may seem like a lot to us right now, I can’t wait for the day we can celebrate 55 years together. Really, 5 years is a drop in the bucket.

And then I laughed even harder to myself because I thought, if you can’t still seem madly in love with someone after 5 years of marriage together, you probably shouldn’t have gotten married in the first place.

But here we are. Deeply in love at 5 years of marriage and counting.


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