Suddenly It All Makes Sense

This week at work, we had a client come to town. As part of his visit, our agency had select people take a personality profile test. The results were revealed at a meeting with a bunch of my co-workers and our clients.

The test is based on the Myers Briggs personality profile test, except this one was specifically for people in the communications field. They break down your personality with labels of Headline (leader), Body Copy (analytical), Logo (people-pleaser) and Illustration (creative socializer).

I wasn’t sure what I was, but I had a hunch. However, some of the questions were down right weird. To the point that I called the co-worker who sent the questionnaire and asked if it was a joke. She said no. I asked why she wanted to know if I liked to cuddle. For the record I do like to cuddle. Um, but not at work.

So I answered the questions and then forgot about it until the day of the results.

The woman who presented talked a little about each category and the negative and positive aspects of each one. Then the results were revealed.

I was far and away an “illustration.” I was a little surprised until I started reading more about it.

creative, free-flowing, enthusiastic, spontaneous, quick, gives admiration and praise, supports dreams and opinions, loves socialization and get-togethers.

Hey, not bad, right? We’ll forget about the weaknesses of wastes time, misses deadlines and some others that even I have forgotten. Uh…maybe forgetfulness was another weakness? Meh, who cares? (That’s probably another weakness, too).

I know it may be stupid, but a few more things made sense to me after learning more about my supposed personality type. I have been “talked to” at just about every job I’ve ever had about talking too much to co-workers. When I was in elementary school, Mrs. Meinhardt wrote that I “socialize too much in class” on my report card. It’s no secret that I love to talk and get to know people. (But let me be clear, I am not a slacker and, while I liked to socialize, I always got my work done).

But hey, it’s just my personality. It’s the way I was made. I’m going to ask how your weekend was. What you had for dinner. And if I’m so inclined, whether or not you like to cuddle.


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