So, today was my third Mother’s Day. Even though my mom wrote “Happy 2nd Mother’s Day!” on the card she gave me. My first was when Riley was only about a month old. Last year he was just over a year and a bundle of energy, but still my little baby. And this year, he’s a handful and a full fledged little boy. All this in two short, short years. Crazy.

My first Mother’s Day. We went to the zoo with our tiny little infant. He cried. And slept. And I think we only stayed about an hour or so. Though I am smiling while holding my fragile little boy, I think it’s pretty darn easy to see the uncertainty on my face. What am I doing?

Mother’s Day last year. Leaps and bounds better. I think this picture shows that we’ve had a lot of fun over the last year. He’s a fun, active little boy. And I love it. Also notice the pretty buds on that tree. Spring was much better last year, FYI.

Mother’s Day this year. More fun, more high energy active little boy. And nary a bud on the exact same tree. Screw you Wisconsin!

Ah, motherhood. You’re difficult, frustrating, and tiring. But you’re the best thing I’ve ever done. Smooches.


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