Fridge Decoration

You know those houses that you visit where a gleaming stainless steel refrigerator stands nobly in the kitchen, barren and beautiful? Yeah, we don’t have one of those. Our fridge is covered with Riley’s artwork, stickers from bars we (used to) frequent, pictures of our dog, a funny picture of Derek on Santa’s lap as a baby, and a million magnets.

Riley spends a lot of time rearranging the magnets he can reach and it keeps him quiet and occupied, so we’re all happy.

But the other day I looked at the fridge and laughed heartily.

Ok, let’s take a closer look:

Ok, so we’ve got a letter X over Elvis’ crotch. Hmm…yes, a 2-year old is responsible for that.

And Ned Flanders is stepping on Mr. Burns’ head. Well, we all know in real life Flanders would not have the courage, or motive to do that. So again, that comes courtesy of that same 2-year old boy.

Then there’s this one:

This is too high on the fridge to come courtesy of a 2-year old. Besides, he can’t exactly spell. Yet. No, this comes courtesy of my dad. Gee thanks, Pops!

And yes, that’s a picture of Riley on his first Halloween, dressed as a hotdog. Awesome.


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