This is why everyone hates dentists

Generally, I like my teeth. I had braces, retainers, rubber bands to correct an overbite and all sorts of things, but they’ve left me with nice, straight teeth. Since I’ve spent so much time with dentists, I’m not one of those who are afraid of dentists or dread going. No, I’m fine with it.

After getting married and getting new insurance, Derek and I decided we should go to the same dentist. I decided to start going to the dentist he had been going to for a few years. Everything seemed fine until recently.

Last summer, I was eating hard candy at my parents’ house and ewwww, I cracked a tooth. It was a really gross sound. So I made a dentist appointment, even though I had just been there 2 weeks prior for a cleaning. I went in and they said I’d need a crown. Took some x-rays. Then the dentist took a look and his face lit up.

“I don’t think we need to do a crown, just an overlay,” he said. “There’s a lot of good tooth left.”

He told me about a Cerac crown. I got the impression that he was excited to use this new machine. I hemmed and hawed number 1 about the price. He had the receptionist call my insurance company and run the numbers. It was a few hundred dollars more after insurance, but he reassured me by telling me that Cerac are the “Cadillac of crowns” and that if he were the one needing one, he’d spring for one for himself. Trusting him, I reluctantly agreed.

I don’t remember much about the procedure. They took a mold of my tooth and then a noisy machine in the next room, etched out the overlay to perfectly fit my tooth.


I remember that I kept telling him that it didn’t fit. That my teeth no longer matched up when I bit down. He probably adjusted it 5-10 more times until it seemed ok. Honestly, since that day I could tell something wasn’t right.

Last fall, I went back for my cleaning. Again, got a clean bill of health.

Since starting a new job with new insurance, I had to find a new dentist. Thank god for that.

The hygienist immediately started asking questions about the Cerac as she was taking x-rays. I told her what I knew about it.

“How do you floss up there?” she asked.

“It’s not too bad,” I said, not knowing what she was getting at.

The dentist came in and looked at my x-rays. “You’re kidding me,” she muttered under her breath. That’s NEVER good.

Here’s the gist, apparently, the last dentist put this Cerac in completely wrong. It doesn’t fit, there are huge gaps on both sides of my molar. And here’s the REALLY bad part. Because of these huge gaps, there are pockets in my gums where food likes to hide. I can’t get it out by brushing or flossing, which means that in the past 12 months that I had this implanted, I now have ….


Because some stupid ass fucking dentist performed a procedure incorrectly.

I was told that I’d be dealing with this the rest of my life. Trying to undo what this douchebag did in a 3 hour appointment. Oh, and also? I paid HUNDREDS of dollars out of pocket for this asshole to give me GUM DISEASE!

So my options are few. Call the dentist and ask him to fix it for free. I am not a fan of this option because, obviously, I don’t want this guy anywhere near my teeth ever again. My current dentist said if she can remove a few fillings around the overlay she can fix the gap a bit and get me a few more years out of this overlay before it needs replacing, wherein insurance would pay for it. The option I’m hoping for is that I can call up this dentist, bitch him out, get him to give my money back, have him thank me for not suing his stupid ass, and have my new dentist fix it the best way she can. And try to undo the damage to my gums. I’ll report back…


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