Back in the day, my husband and I used to take the day off work to do cool stuff. Sleep in after a late night seeing a favorite band. A day off to hike or go for a loooong bike ride. A day to do something awesome like lay on the couch in pajamas and watch movies all day. Well, yesterday we took the day off to do something equally awesome. We went to see Thomas the Tank Engine! Be still my beating heart!

I know he looks terrified, like he's about to be run over, but he's in awe and out of harm's way.

But here’s the thing. We knew how happy this would make Riley, so we were thrilled to go. We counted down the days, we picked out a cute outfit, we planned to bring the camera AND the video camera. The boy did not disappoint.

“THOMA!” he yelled when he first laid eyes on the tank engine.

And the boy was geared up. All four grandmas and grandpas came with us. And what a sight. The little boy wore a “Day Out With Thomas” engineer hat, a lanyard, carried a Thomas lunchbox and had a Thomas whistle (oy). Oh yeah, they got some major moola out of us.

Ugh. I just realized it looks like he's off to school or something. Noooo!

The things we do for our kids. I swear, there was no where else I would’ve rather been than holding his hand the first time he saw Thomas coming around the track.


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