Boys Are Crazy

You’d think based on the fact that I was, at one point, a teenage girl, I would know that boys are crazy. But since actually raising one, I’ve seen first-hand the difference between boys and girls.

This weekend, Riley and I got together with a few of my former co-workers and their kids. All the kids were just a few months apart, making it very chaotic, fun and interesting. With 2 boys and 2 girls, all between almost 3 and almost 2-years old, things were nuts.

Well, not really. The girls….actually sat on their mom’s laps. GASP. They played quietly. They relaxed and enjoyed their lunch. QUIETLY.

The boys, well, you can probably guess. They ran, they jumped, they rough-housed, they yelled. While the girl moms were able to sit on the deck with their toddlers and relax, us boy moms ran through the backyard hollering, “come back!” as our little boys sprinted out of the yard, chased the dog and tried to eat sand from the sandbox.

Again, it just hit home the fact that boys and girls are different. Boys require tons of energy. However, the universe knows what it’s doing. Both of those girl moms? They’re both currently pregnant. With boys. BOOYA!

But Riley doesn’t merely feed off other little boy energy. This weekend he was nuts. Putting the dog’s bone in his mouth and thinking it was absolutely hilarious (which if it hadn’t been so gross, it totally would’ve been).

Then he took off his diaper. The diaper that had poop in it. And because we use cloth diapers, thankfully the diaper liner contained all the poop as it plopped onto the hardwood floor. Oh, it was gross. It was one of those moments that I froze. Unsure of what to do, but knowing that my natural reaction to run and hide was the wrong one. So I picked him up, Three Men and a Baby-style, and carried him to the bedroom.

Which is hard to do when your kid weighs 30 pounds. What a bicep workout! He cackled and laughed the whole time! I couldn’t believe it! He knows when he has poop in his diaper and he decided to take his diaper off and let it plop on the floor. Rest assured, little boy, this is one story I will use to embarrass you when you’re older.


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  1. amyelizabethsmith

    Thanks for writing this post — I have a 11 mth old boy and he is everywhere. And when visiting some girls, they are all dainty and sweet. It is so important to not try to take the energy away from them and let them roam and be boys!

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