What Unites Us All

No, it’s not patriotism. Or freedom. Or anger at the Casey Anthony verdict.

It’s the fact that swimsuit shopping sucks. (And probably those other things, too.)

This weekend I decided that wearing the same swimsuit for almost 6 years – since my honeymoon – was too long. So, knowing it would suck, I planned to go over Riley’s nap time. And I journeyed to Kohl’s.

Being 4th of July weekend, they were pretty well picked over. Remember in the olden days when there was a swimsuit style between bikini, one piece and tankini? Not anymore. The bikini days have definitely sailed (was I ever officially in the bikini days?) and I’m just not ready to rock the mom-style one piece, so tankini it was.

I browsed the racks, refusing to even look at anything with a Candies label. Or a Daisy Fuentes label.

I trekked to the fitting room to discover that nothing fit. Back out I went. I was on a mission.

As I looked over the same swimsuits again and again, another woman bluntly stated what I was thinking:

“This sucks.”

“Yes it does,” I replied. She then launched into a frustrated soliloquy about a post-pregnancy body. That she’s had 2 kids and the blub on her stretch-marked stomach just would not go away (she showed me, I can vouch for her pouch). I told her I felt her pain. That it definitely sucks. That you just gotta find something that you feel comfortable in so you can still go out and have a good time. Then I suggested a Nike swimsuit.

I picked one out for myself (and later purchased it!) and headed to the dressing room again. I had to laugh. No matter if you’re a size 4 or 10, we all have issues and we can all agree that swimsuit shopping sucks. But one thing is for sure, the next day when I was waterskiing on a beautiful summer day, my swimsuit was the last thing on my mind. And that’s what matters.



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  1. It’s hilarious that she showd you her belly. I too hate bathing suit shopping. I can’t fit into my pre-pregnancy suit yet so I ended up wearing my maternity bathing suit over the weekend. A bit embarassing but we were among friends. Probably time for me to take that trip to Kohl’s too.

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