Yes, I officially a suburban mom. I tried ZUMBA! (That is the only way you can refer to this form of exercise – all caps and an exclamation point). My sister begged me to sign up for this class with her through the rec department and since my half marathon is this Sunday (HOORAY!) I figured, fine, I’ll do it so I have something other than running for the rest of the summer.

So tonight we went. And our teacher was skinny, peppy and had a long blonde ponytail. I’ll just say it was a far cry from the Boot Camp class I’ve been taking for a few months. But maybe I’m a fitness snob.

I had no idea what ZUMBA! even was. I thought it was a dancey-type aerobics class, and really, it was. But there was some weird salsa/bellydancing/walk-like-an-Egyptian thing going on, too. Oh, and lots of that booty shaking that Beyonce does. Apparently it’s a good core workout. All I know is that it felt completely and utterly ridiculous to be popping my booty in a middle school gym with 25 other women (and one man) of varying ages and body sizes.

I came home and did a Google image search for ZUMBA! I think these photos sum up the experience nicely:

Yeah! Thrust!

Please tell me this guy was in a 90’s boy band.

All in all, I can see why people would want to do ZUMBA! if they have never really exercised before, or if they just want to have fun. I don’t consider myself to be in tip top shape, but honestly, I never was out of breath during the entire 1-hour class. And I am not sore at all. I think I’ll stick to running and when I want some pain, I’ll go back to boot camp.


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