Say What?

It seems that once again Riley is in some 2-year-old growth spurt and suddenly he’s spouting sentences, phrases, questions and general hilarity. An example of things he’s been saying lately:

Daddy: “You’ve got a balloon?”

Riley: “That’s right! A balloon!”

:Leaning over the side of the empty bathtub and yelling: “Anybody home??”

Me: “Riley do you need me to change your diaper?”

Riley: “No thank you!”

:Stubbing his toe: “OUCHIE OUCHIE!”

Me: “Buddy, why are you doing that?”

Riley: “I don’t know…”

A few nights ago, I got home from work late and was starving. I sat down on the couch with a cup of greek yogurt and Riley was IMMEDIATELY on my lap. Trying to grab my spoon, saying, “please please” over and over, basically just annoying the crap out of me. I could barely get a word in edgewise so I just stopped eating and put my head in my hands. Without missing a beat, Riley inquired, “What’s wrong?” As if he was an innocent angel.

His absolute favorite phrase right now is, “What are you doing here?” He means it as “What are you doing?” but somehow when he adds the word “here” it makes everything hilarious.

He walks in on me getting dressed in the morning:

“Mommy, what are you doing here?”

I open his curtains when he wakes up:

“What are you doing here?”

Daddy changes his diaper:

“Daddy, what are you doing here?”

It’s so demanding, so soap opera-like that it just cracks me up every single time.

I love 2-year-olds.

Remind me of that when he’s kicking and screaming because he wants a cookie.


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