Baby Love

This morning, we met some good friends for brunch. We also met their brand, spanking new baby at brunch. More importantly, Riley met that brand-spanking 5 week old baby. The only way to describe it is that he geeked out. Big time. In a good way.

He LOVED “tiny baby.”  He ooed and aahed over baby Kieran’s long, tiny toes, he kissed the top of his head. He pretended to tickle him. And that’s when I had to put the kibosh on that. Riley’s “tickling” is neither tickly nor funny. It’s just squeezing and I don’t think “tiny baby” Kieran would appreciate it.

I forgot what it’s like to hold such a small infant. Can’t hold their head up. Sleeps a lot. Makes gurgling coos almost all the time. Newborn babies are so great to hold and cuddle.

But when I’ve got a squirming, funny 2-year old next to me, it reminds me of how far we’ve come and how well we’ve grown together. This kid is so fun now. But he used to be that “tiny baby.”

It’s unreal how much changes in 2 years.


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