Our Household These Days

Just an update on the status of our household these days. Half of this house is currently on antibiotics.

Riley has seemed really stuffy for the past few weeks. Not sick at all, just stuffy to the point that he would snort while he tried to eat. Then he started waking up with the remnants of a bloody nose on his face. Not good at all. In to the doctor we went, and out we left with a prescription for an antibiotic. Thank you, sinus infection!

I really can’t complain though. This is surprisingly only the second infection this little boy has ever had! One ear infection and one sinus infection. Oh yeah, and he was on antibiotics the time that damn cookie jar busted his cute little middle finger.

So we carried on that way for a while and then we started to notice our poor little pup Lola was shedding. A lot. Like, so much it was disgusting. I would vacuum the living room and literally, 30 minutes later, dog fur tumbleweed would be blowing across the hardwood floor. Her white underbelly fur would be caking the brown throw rug.

And the itching. Lola is a moderate-level itchy dog. She scratches and licks enough to be annoying. But lately, she’s been scratching a lot. With urgency. We knew something was amiss.

Today we went to the vet and got a skin infection diagnosis. Apparently, swimming in the water of my parent’s lake a few weeks ago was a bad decision. It was really hot out, the water was stagnet, I guess, who knows what bacteria was in the water, but it was enough to get her.

So now we’re living in a stuffy, itchy, furry house. When you add to that the colony of microscopic ants that have been invading our kitchen for the past couple weeks, and the stupid swarms of annoying gnats that are living in our garbage can, it’s almost like a biblical plague has been cast on our house. Ugh.







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