Cue the Chorus of Angels

Hallelujah! Our summer-long siding project is complete. I can’t even believe it.

This summer has been awesome, yes, but it also has had a stressball cloud over it because of this project. On days that we would’ve rather done something fun, we knew we had to work on the house. It’s the burden of DIY-ers. We literally saved thousands of dollars by embarking on this ourselves, but we definitely sacrificed for it in other ways. Let me remind you of what our summer has been like:

The first weekend in June, while the weather was pushing 90 degrees, we invited dozens of our friends and family over and put them to work ripping the 60-year old cedar shake siding off of our house. Before:

And after (yes, I admit that our house actually looked like this for several weeks. The neighbors love us):

In the span of 10 hours we ripped off every single rickety old piece of siding and filled the dumpster to the tippy top.

And then week after week after week we worked. And worked. And invited my dad over….to work. And invited my brother-in-law over…to work. We worked when Riley napped. We worked while my mom or sister watched him. Derek worked in between his work-job. I brought him and the “crew” food on the lunch break of my work-job. Basically, we ate, slept and breathed siding, trim, soffitting, fascia and gutters. Have I mentioned that this has been the third hottest Wisconsin summer on record? Seriously. And then slowly but surely, things started to take shape.

And then  today, I came home from work to find beautiful white gutters and perfectly perfect white downspouts in place (courtesy of my husband and brother-in-law).

And just like that, the project was done.

Derek and I hugged and high-fived and went out to dinner to celebrate. Yes, we need to buy a new mailbox and lights for the house (fun!) and yes, the cedar wood on the porch needs to be stained, but for all intents and purposes, it’s DONE.

The next mini project that we will get to before the snow falls around here? Cleaning out the garage so we can actually park in it again.


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