We’re Doing It

Right now. SSSHHHH. My 2-and-almost-a-half-year-old is currently in his “big boy bed” WITHOUT A PACIFIER. And it’s quiet. We had a few very tense moments, but as of right now, it’s quiet. He needed some reassurance that we’re proud of him, that he’s a big boy, that we love him. And he needed another drink of water. But I’m relishing the quiet right now and I’m not moving a muscle because ….it’s quiet.

Ssssshhhh! And knock on some wood. Now.

I’ll write more tomorrow. I’m not convinced it’s all over just because it’s quiet. We’ve got a good 9 hours until morning. I haven’t been this afraid to make a peep in the house since we had a 7-month old who would wake up 4 times per night if so much as a pin dropped onto a mattress.


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