Things I Don’t Want To Forget

Since this blog often doubles as Riley’s baby book, I know I need to make a note of certain things about his childhood that I never want to forget. Things such as:

Since we banned Nuks, this doesn’t happen anymore, but I loved when I’d go get him out of his crib in the morning. He’d have one Nuk in his mouth and hold the other. We’d sit in the rocking chair, him on my lap, facing me, and he’d just hug me with his arms linked around my neck. And then as he woke up more, he’d get silly. For some reason, he really liked putting his Nuks down my shirt and laughing when they’d come out the bottom of my shirt onto my lap. It was always a sign of a good day to come when your little man laughs his head off at 7 a.m.

While in that same rocking chair, reading books before bedtime, I love when Riley exclaims, “Oh my! Oh dear!” when the dump truck’s big important wheels get stuck in the book Little Blue Truck, a current favorite.

Sticking with the sleepy theme, I love, love, love the sweet little grunts and groans he makes as he wakes up in the morning. He rubs his face into his pillow, sighs and sleepily answers, “yeah” when I ask him if he slept good and had good baby dreams. I love it.

After I get Riley out of the tub and we go into his room to lather up with lotion, squeegee out the water from his ears and put on his jammies, I always take my wedding ring off so as not to get it caked with lotion. I put it on his baby wipe container and he always grabs it and holds it. Sometimes I like to tell him how special this ring is. That Daddy gave it to me. And before that it was his great grandma’s ring. No matter what story I tell him, every single time, he has to put the ring back on my left ring finger. And then he hugs me. And I melt.


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