RIP – Running

So, my knee has been giving me problems since the day before I completed the Lake Country Half Marathon. And yes, I know it’s completely stupid to have run 13.1 miles on a bum knee. But I did it anyway.

So since then, I’ve been taking it easy. Wearing flats, not heels. No running. Keeping my leg elevated, ibuprofen, lather, rinse, repeat.

But it’s been 5 weeks and it STILL HURTS.

Two weeks ago I contacted my friend who is a physical therapist. He suggested I try KT Tape. His diagnosis (over the phone)? Patello Femoral Pain Syndrome aka Runner’s Knee. Lovely.

So I used the tape basically to support my knee cap. This stuff is nuts. Remember the Summer Olympics a few years ago? This is the stuff that was all over those ripped female volleyball players.

So for a few days, the tape helped and my knee felt better. I went to the gym and did the elliptical. I wore some low heels to work. I ran.

Big mistake. One step forward, two steps back. My knee hurts again.

This may be hard to understand if you don’t run, but I’m really sad. I feel lost. I really enjoy running. The weather is 75 degrees and sunny all this week. Winter is coming and I don’t have many days left to run outside. And I’m injured. I’ve been really, really lucky as far as injuries are concerned, so I don’t really know what to do with myself.

But I did 2 half marathons and a few shorter races this summer. I’ve been running 4 times a week since April. Maybe that’s too much for my 32-year old body. And frankly, that really pisses me off.

But there’s not much I can do. I need to take it even easier than I have been. I need to hope for the best. I need to stay positive. But that’s hard. Especially when you come home from a painful run and your dog, chasing a fly through the kitchen, slams her head right into your hurt kneecap. And that is when your 2-year old sees you cry and says, “Mommy, you crying? Don’t cry, Mommy!” Which just makes you cry harder.

Damn you, knee. Damn you!


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