Making Some Warm, Fuzzy Christmas Memories

Ah, it all looks so easy on Pintrest and in sitcoms, doesn’t it? Let’s all gather on a cold, snowy morning and make some happy holiday memories, shall we? That’s what I thought this weekend. And then I remembered why I changed my major to journalism from elementary eductation sophomore year of college. Because I have no patience.

But let me back up, I decided to make and decorate sugar cookies with my 2-and-a-half year old son. Yowza.

I think of myself as a good cook and baker, but cut out sugar cookies are no joke. You have to roll out the dough, but before you even do that, you have to get the dough to the right consistency to roll it out. It was way too dry at first. And then I dumped in a bunch of water and it was too runny. So then I dumped in more flour. Lather, rinse, repeat. Finally, it seemed ok and we started rolling it out. And while I was rolling, I had to simultaneously bat away 2 year old hands that wanted to help. He’s lucky I didn’t accidentally roll over his fingers. I think that’s why he’s gripping all the cookie cutters in the picture above. He just had an overwhelming urge to do something during the rolling out process.

After Riley and I cut out the different shapes (stars, angels, trees and bells), we set them on the rack to cool. Uh…they don’t look very good, I thought. Uh oh.

But then the decorating, and the fun, started. I think next year I’ll buy the refrigerated dough so we can just do the fun stuff. I mistakenly thought Riley would get the concept that we’re just decorating these cookies, we’re not immediately eating all of them. Nope. He licked or bit every cookie I gave him to decorate. Crazy kid.

Oh, and as an aside, I found this Betty Crocker Cookie Icing and it was amazing! It dries hard, so you can stack the cookies. It’s like royal icing without the work. It was worth the $3.79 per pouch.

It became a whole family affair and cookies were made into aliens and even the Star Trek symbol. No, my husband isn’t a Trekkie.

Check em out! They look pretty darn good if you ask me. Bonus points if you can find the Star Trek symbol. Also notice the Christmas tree that is decorated with the word “Tree.” We is creative.

So, no, it wasn’t easy. Yes, it was messy and took two hours longer than I thought it would. But the boy LOVED it. And was even talking about it 2 days later. So yes, it was worth every minute and every goopy drop of flour and butter on the kitchen floor.


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