Christmas Hangover

Every year it’s the same. With big families, we usually have 4 or 5 days of Christmas fun. And this year is no different. We’ve already had 4 and are awaiting the fifth and final Christmas celebration this weekend. And every year I think the same thing. There’s no way we will make it through all of this unscathed. And I was right.

But first, let’s talk good stuff, mkay?

Is there anything in the entire world better than a little kid’s face on Christmas morning?


It was my favorite Christmas with our little boy yet. He completely “got” it this year and appreciated how special and wonderful this time of the year is. He sings Christmas songs like a professional caroler and wishes everyone he sees a Merry Christmas. He made this holiday great.

And then by Monday, during our 4th Christmas celebration, he just seemed off. Very whiny. And he fell asleep in the car in the morning as we drove to my parent’s house. Not usual at all. He hasn’t taken a morning nap in years. Once we got there he was incredibly clingy. He only wanted his mommy and wanted to be carried. Very uncharacteristic of our active, independent little boy.

We sat down to eat and he just stared at his hands. I asked if he wanted to go lay on the couch and watch a movie and he said yes. I took his temperature. 101. Great. So Derek and I took turns sitting with him while the other one ate with the fam. After we were done, we both gathered around him while he lay on the couch looking sad and miserable under a blanket. He had hardly eaten his breakfast so I knew he needed to eat something. I fed him half of a roll from the dinner table and he ate it happily.

Or so I thought.

Within a minute or two, he was puking up the roll, his water and anything else in his stomach. A look of shock crossed his face, and mine too, and instinctively I yelled, “Mom!” I guess we all wanted our mommies that day.

Believe it or not, at almost three years old, this was the first time Riley ever actually threw up. Shocking, I know. We’ve been very lucky. Thankfully, that was the only time he threw up. Now though, he has a head cold with a runny nose. And I’m not feeling so hot myself. Add into that the fact that he’s up at least twice during the night, and the whole household isn’t feeling so great.

But that’s not all! Our motto in this house is go big or go home. So going big, we are. We all have off of work this whole week and decided to embark on yet another huge home remodeling project. We are installing new wood floors in all three bedrooms. Complete with new paint, bedding, baseboards and trim. Yes, we’re crazy! More to come on the bedrooms, soon. Here’s to hoping we’re all healthfully ringing in the new year.


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