The Deets

So when I found out I was pregnant in early November, I was surprised, but I wouldn’t say shocked. I was surprised because it happened very quickly – much quicker than it did with Riley. But I would say that I wasn’t shocked because I just felt like I was. I just knew it. So much so that when I first took a pregnancy test and the results were inconclusive, I just knew it was because it was too early. I knew I was pregnant.

Over the years since becoming a mom, I have gotten many, many inquiries about when we’re having another child. From everyone from basically random strangers to my parents. It’s such a weird thing to ask someone and very personal. To the point that I never ask people when they’ll have children. It makes me feel icky when people ask me, so I don’t want to do the same to them.

Anyway, when people would ask me that, the thing that would always pop in my head was, how am I going to handle being pregnant while chasing after my super active toddler? Honestly, it’s hard. But I’m doing it. These first few months, I’ve had the exhaustion that I had the last time. More than the nausea that I had the last time. I haven’t been able to focus on my calorie, protein and water intake every day like I did the last time. It’s hard.

But I’m doing it. And I’ve only had a couple minor breakdowns. And when Riley talks about his baby sister (he’s convinced it’s going to be a girl) it makes my heart swell. He says he wants to see the baby. And hold the baby. He talks to my stomach. He says, “Hey baby! I have some Nuks for you!” Which cracks me  up considering how much he loved his precious pacifiers up until last year.

Probably the biggest difference I’ve noticed this time around is how incredibly fast my stomach has swelled up. I’m 14 weeks pregnant and I feel like I look like I’m about 20 weeks. Don’t believe me? Check it.

On the left, I’m 21 weeks pregnant with Riley. On the right, 14 weeks pregnant with baby #2. Ok, granted maybe I’m smaller now than I think I am, but still. Pretty surprising.

Here’s a picture of me when I was 17 weeks pregnant with Riley.

Yeesh, I’m a little worried about how big I’m going to be at the end of all this. I guess we’ll all find out soon enough!



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