Master Bedroom Remodel

Finally, it’s finished! We foolishly thought we could complete our bedroom remodel in about two days. Well, my husband thought that. Hate to say I told you so, but I knew there was no way. It took a solid week, which really, is not bad at all. Especially when you factor in the curious toddler and the additional human growing in my stomach.

I can also blame that developing human on the fact that I did not take any before pictures. Ugh. Rookie mistake. And we are anything but rookie home remodelers.

Ok, this one will have to do. Here’s me at several months pregnant the last time around playing with our pup on the floor. You can see the cheapie carpeting, wall color and original woodwork.

So the catalyst of this bedroom remodel was the freak out I had over listening to the world’s squeakiest floors at 5:45 every morning when Derek would get up and head to the gym. Our bedroom floor has always been squeaky, but over the 5 years we’ve lived here, it’s gotten so much worse. To the point that us walking on our floors would wake up Riley sleeping in the next room. Seriously, you could stand perfectly still and take a deep breath and it would sound like a sumo wrestler was walking through the room.

Here’s a progress shot:

Notice the skim-coated walls. This is yet another room in our house that has layers of paint over layers of wallpaper. So no, the walls aren’t perfect, and never will be, but Derek dreamed up a cool way to cover the wall that houses our bed, which was the worst one.

So we decided to do laminate wood flooring in our bedroom. We like the way it looks and it’s durable. We managed to find some that almost perfectly matched the hardwood floors in our living and dining rooms. Score!

So Derek got to work while I took care of a sick little boy. Really, I didn’t help at all. After 5 years of constantly working on this house, that’s my kind of home remodeling.

Finally, after a good 7 days, we were done.

We painted the walls a deep blue-silver color, added white crown molding and baseboards, laminate flooring, new bedding, and a budget-friendly, flaw-masking, eye-catching headboard. The wood is laminated shelving. Really! The black branches are old and from Pier One.

We’re definitely thrilled with the results.


Bedding was purchased on sale at Target for an amazing $65. There’s a little more white on it than I would have liked, especially considering we’re having another baby, but we loved the pattern and used the color to choose our wall color.

I would say the most amount of work was moving every single thing out of the room in the first place. And screwing into the subfloor to rid the room of those pesky squeaks. There are probably 120 screws in our floor right now. Derek actually went through an entire box of screws and had to run out and get more so he could finish. It was insane.

I think I’m most impressed with the fact that we did this on the cheap and quickly. We made use of furniture and decor that we already had and focused on a bold color and one or two eye-catching aspects to tie the room together.

Overall, I’m thrilled with it and love going to bed every night. But at 17 weeks pregnant, I love going to bed for many reasons right now.


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