My Sweet Boy

Since I know my time with one child is limited, and because this blog often doubles as Riley’s baby book, I need to document some awesome, cute and sweet things Riley has said or done recently.

– There is no one in this house more excited for this baby than Riley. He’s not even 3 yet, but dare I say it, I think he “gets” it. The other day he was laying with me and pressed on my stomach a little too hard and I told him he can’t do that because there’s a baby in my tummy and that it could hurt the baby.

He put his ear against my stomach and said, “The baby is crying! When babies cry they need milk to make them stop crying. I’ll go get the baby some milk.” He then went and opened the fridge to get the baby some milk. I told him, “No, bud, the baby doesn’t need any milk.” So he closed up the fridge, but not before he stole himself a grape.

– Today during “nap” time (I use the term very, very loosely these days. Ugh), unbeknownst to his daddy, he was playing with the humidifer in his room. A humidifier that was not turned on, but did have water in it. So, you guessed it, water spilled all over the carpeting. Riley quietly snuck out of his room and went into the bathroom. He got a whole bunch of toilet paper and tried to clean up the wet carpeting with it. When that didn’t work, he went out to Daddy and explained what happened. Seriously, people. HOW CUTE IS HE?

– Every morning, he loves to watch me get ready for work. He really loves watching me put on my make up and then asks to hold my make up brushes. I usually catch him putting a blush brush up against his cheek. If he sees me before I’ve gotten dressed or put on make up or basically, just gotten out of the shower, he says, “Mommy, I want to see you look good.” It always makes me laugh and I choose to disregard the fact that he may be telling me that I look like crap before I have nice clothes and make up on.

There are countless other stories like these. It seems like he says something hilarious, sweet and amazing every single day. I can’t wait to document the things he says after we’ve got a little brother or sister here with him.

UPDATE: This morning, while, ahem, sitting on the toilet, out of nowhere Riley asked, “Can I play the tuba?” We have NEVER discussed tubas. I have no idea where he is getting this from. “Um,” I replied. “We…don’t have a …tuba.” “Can we buy one?” He asked. I laughed and then replied, matter-of-factedly, “No.”


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