The Big Boy Room

This weekend, we mostly completed Riley’s big boy room. And then he moved into it. And out of the “nursery.” And a little bit of me shriveled up. I mean, didn’t we just put that crib together? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?


Ok, clearly I’m a hormonal 19-week pregnant woman here. Let me gather myself. Ok, moving on…

At this point, we’ve almost completely finished his room across the hall from his original one. His big boy room, as we’ve been calling it. To the point where I ask him if he wants to play in his bedroom and he replies, “No, my big boy room.” Well, excuuuuse me.

So last night, I laid down with him in his giant twin-sized bed and read him two books, like usual. I told him how proud I am of him and what a big boy he is. Then I kissed him and turned off the light. In a brand new room. Without a rocking chair, without a changing table, without crib rails. Sigh.

He slept well, aside from waking up twice during the night, including once with a poopy diaper. Ugh. It’s been a loooong time since that happened. But he was so proud in the morning when we talked about his night in his big boy room.

I’m planning to do a big post on his new room as soon as it’s finished. But until then, here’s a teaser:

We went with a backyard theme in his room. I found this affordable, cute, not too baby-ish bedding set at where else? Target!

We used the green to inspire our wall color and found some really fun accessories like a giant frog bank and a big stuffed turtle. Just enough to keep an almost 3-year old thrilled and quiet in his room for hours. Crazy.

I’ll post pictures of his room when it’s completed, but we’re waiting for some final touches. Sorry for the cliffhanger.


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