Riley’s 3rd Birthday Party

Birthday parties are hard when you’re a parent. I bet they weren’t so bad back in the day, but with Facebook, Pinterest, blogs and websites devoted just to kid’s birthday parties, it is information overload. And you feel like you’re not Mom of the Year unless you go all out. Well it’s a good thing I love going all out. I believe my standing as Mom of the Year is still in tact.

We decided to go with a race car theme, since our little man is soooo into them. I knew I didn’t want to throw him a Disney Cars party and I was shocked when I went to Party City and couldn’t find a single checkered flag or traffic light that wasn’t from the movie Cars 2. Annoying. So I had to bust out the hot glue gun and make what I wanted myself. Oh yes, I busted out the hot glue gun AND my cake decorating kit. Like I said, Mom of the Year…

Without further ado, I’ll just let the photos do the talking.

I stole this cake idea from here.

Homemade party subs, with homemade customized checkered flag picks. It’s nice to be married to a graphic designer.

I made these checkered flag pennants by hot gluing checkered fabric to foam core board triangles. I planned on buying this but couldn’t find it in any store, so I had to get crafty and make it myself. It wasn’t too bad once I got the hang of it and I think it turned out pretty nice. Also notice the red, yellow and green balloons in the background. Speaking of stop lights….

Whew, I almost forgot to get a picture of these bad boys before they were all gone. I just made regular Rice Krispie Treats, frosted them with chocolate frosting and used M&Ms for the lights. I stole the idea from here.

They were tires? Get it?? Again, I loved the personalized checkered flag toothpicks.

The guest of honor wore a personalized shirt from Etsy seller Cuteasme.

This photo is from his 3-year photoshoot, which I’ll write more about soon.

Overall, it was a great birthday party for our awesome little boy, who truly appreciated it and had such a great time. He actually shook with excitement while everyone sang happy birthday to him. And he sang along, too. To himself. And though I had a major stress-filled freak out the night before the party thinking I’d never get everything done, the party was great.


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