A (Big) Bun In the Oven

If I hadn’t seen with my own two eyes that there is only one tiny baby in my stomach, I’d swear I’m having twins. Mostly because my belly seems HUGE to me. And I thought it was huge last time around. I’m scared of what I’m going to be like in June and July, people. Scared.

You will remember what I looked like at 19 weeks.

Here I am at 22 weeks.

I guess it’s not too bad. Here is what I look like currently. At 24 weeks.

I still have 16 weeks to go, people. Yikes.

Besides having a much bigger bump this time around, I’m already feeling some pretty good back pain by the end of the night. And stupid sciatica. It’s a fun name for something that’s very painful. Sciatica shoots pain from my lower back down my left leg and makes it feel like my leg is going to give out on me. Not fun. This primarily happens at night, especially if I was foolish enough to wear heels or wedges during the day. What a fool I am!

For some reference, here I was at 25 weeks during Pregnancy #1:

What a cute little manageable bump. Sigh.


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