Vindication, Part 2

Remember a good 18 months ago when I suddenly, unexpectedly and shadily lost my job? Cue the sad trombone, doom and gloom and all things horrible for two months. These things happen when you lose your dream job for no reason at all. Trust me.

Much similar to mourning a loss, it took a pretty long time for me to fully get over it (as much as I’m ever going to get over it, I think). Over the last year and a half, I’ve been able to view the situation more clearly and understand that the situation had nothing to do with me, the work I had done, my personality, my brown hair, nothing. It wasn’t about me at all. I was thrown under the bus by a shitty boss and unknowingly, I was a victim of office politics. Too bad I didn’t even know we were experiencing office politics.

Anyway, I still think of that horrible September day every once in a while, but honestly, it’s rare. I have a new job that I like, with people who like me and tell me that I do a great job. I feel satisfied and appreciated at work now. It’s a great feeling.

I still maintain contact with several former co-workers, one of whom is still a really good friend. (Surprisingly, she’s the one they gave my job to 5 minutes after they laid me off. Interesting side note, while she was on maternity leave they gave her job – my old job – to someone else. Can you say illegal?)

Anyway, this week, she told me that the horrible sad sack of a human being who was laid me off asked about me. Another editor is going on maternity leave in a few months and they need someone to fill in for her for 3 months. He asked if she still talks to me. Of course she does, douchebag.

He asked if she thought I would be interested in coming back in an editor position while this editor is on maternity leave. He said I was his first choice.

WHAT? Is he delusional? Does he not realize that he completely swept the rug out from under me and my family less than two years ago? Made it so my 18-month old son didn’t have health insurance? Took away the dream job that I worked for YEARS to get? For no reason?

She bluntly told him there was no way in hell I would come back based on the way I was treated when all this shit hit the fan that day.

….and….he had no idea what she was talking about. Which really, I think just tremendously speaks to his character. He does no wrong. He’s completely blind to other people’s feelings. As my sweet mom so perfectly said it, “What an asshole.”

So yes, I feel vindicated once again. I now know without a doubt that me being laid off had completely nothing to do with my work. In fact, I must have done a pretty awesome job if I was top of mind when they needed an editor. As good as that makes me feel, what would make me feel better is getting the opportunity to tell this guy what I really think of him. And believe me, that conversation would be laced with so much profanity that George Carlin would roll over in his grave. Trust me.


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