My Must-Haves for Pregnancy #2

Being pregnant the second time around has been different from the first (could that mean that it’s a girl this time??). I’m exhausted, but have not taken a single nap in the 28 weeks I’ve been pregnant. Having a 3-year old (who also cannot nap these days), makes relaxing and taking it easy very difficult. I’ve found that I’m completely exhausted after working all day, coming home to make dinner, entertaining our little man and then putting him to bed. So I decided to compile a list of things that have made this pregnancy just a little bit easier for me. Enjoy.

Don’t worry, I will conveniently “forget” to include Oreos on this list. But really, why are they so good?

1. A memory-foam mattress topper.

Sleeping on either your left or right side gets old. Real quick. I was so tired of my hips going numb while I slept, that I knew something had to be done. We purchased this mattress topper:

Honestly, it’s made a difference. You can spend a small fortune on these bad boys and we got a lower-end one, but I would say it gets the job done. My only complaint is that it has kind of a nasty plastic-y smell so it really needs to be aired out for a few days before you put it on your bed. Buy one. Your hips will thank you.

2. Prenatal Yoga.

Back pain during pregnancy is no joke. At least for me it’s not. Yes, I’ve blogged/complained about this here before, so I will spare you. Taking a weekly prenatal yoga class has been great for my back pain and my sanity. And….it’s free. Do you know Destination Maternity offers FREE prenatal yoga classes? They also offer prenatal belly dancing and pilates and all sorts of other classes. Did I mention they’re FREE? I’ve really started looking forward to Thursday nights when I get to do something just for myself for a solid hour. I feel so relaxed afterwards. It’s really been a highlight of this pregnancy.

3. Cat/Cow pose.

As stated above (again…I’m not complaining…) the lower back pain I’ve been feeling is fo realz, yo. But the cat/cow pose has really helped! I’ll even do it on my lunch break when I’m feeling a lot of pain from sitting or standing too much at work. I learned this one in my prenatal yoga class and it’s one I’m so glad I found.

4. Disposable MakeUp Wipes.

I know, not earth-friendly at all. But here’s the thing. I. Get. So. Tired. The thought of having to wait for the warm water to flow through the faucet, suds up my face, wash it, then dry it is too much for me most nights. So temporarily, I’m using these bad boys:

Yeah, cuz why spend the extra on name brands? It’s just cleaning off the day’s makeup, people.

5. Nail Polish Remover Pad.

Ok, I’m sounding lazier and lazier as this post goes on (come on, I’m growing a human, cut me some slack). But I still want to have painted nails and look semi-fashionable/presentable. I’ve found that this super easy, cheap nail polish remover has saved me time and effort and that makes me happy.

This stuff looks like it was packaged in the 70’s, but trust me. You just twist your polished nails in a sponge soaked in polish remover and within seconds, your chipped nail polish is gone. Ah, it’s the little things that make me happy, apparently.

6. An Awesome Husband.

Luckily, I had one of those to start with. But seriously, there are few things as stressful as child-rearing. You find yourself physically and mentally exhausted, especially if you’re both working full time, and I’ve found that we need each other now more than ever. Until the baby comes and then I’m sure we’ll need each other more, more, more than ever. I’m jus thankful that I have a husband who will save me the last Oreo, say nothing when I buy another maternity dress (what? I can’t help it, they’re cute!), and bathe Riley because I’m just too tired.


Ugh, I don’t have a single, recent photo of just my husband and myself? I just made a mental note to change that soon.


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