Pregnancy #2 Week 29

Sometimes I can’t believe how this pregnancy is just flying by. It’s crazy. I’m in the third trimester. As in, I’m going to have to give birth and bring home a newborn soon. Sometimes it feels unreal that we won’t be a family of 3 anymore. Just like it used to feel unreal that it wouldn’t just be the two of us before Riley was born.

I’ve noticed some differences in this pregnancy lately.

I had horrible heartburn when I was pregnant with Riley. Even pancakes would give me heartburn. It would wake me up at night, almost every night. Not this time, at least not yet. Knock on wood. The other thing that used to always wake me up was the urge to pee. That hasn’t been happening lately either. Again, knock on wood. I realize that typing these words probably jinxed me and tonight I’ll probably wake up choking on stomach acid and feeling like my bladder is going to explode.

Here’s a picture from last week, with a special guest:

You know, I would recommend taking semi-regular photos of yourself while you’re pregnant. Mostly because I feel HUGE, but when I look at these photos, I don’t think I look as huge as I feel. It’s refreshing, really.

However, here’s a side-by-side (poorly Photoshopped) of me while I was pregnant with Riley at 29 weeks and now pregnant with mystery baby #2 at 28 weeks:

Ok, yes, it’s an awkward crop. My graphic designer husband isn’t home right now and he will cringe when he sees this, but people, focus on the baby bump. That’s a pretty big difference from pregnancy #1 to pregnancy #2, don’t you think?

My goal for the next few weeks is to not feel the impending doom that I have sometimes let myself feel when I think of how big I may actually get. I need to work on enjoying each day and week of this pregnancy, as it is likely to be my last.

I’m happy to report that if our baby is a girl, she has a name! A middle name, too! No, I won’t tell you! If this baby is a boy, he does not currently have a name. Why are boy names so hard? It needs to be something to fit a cute little boy and a grown man and that is not an easy feat. We will find one that we both like, I’m confident. ….or one of us will cave and give the other one her way. Heh, heh.



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