My New Favorite Day of the Year

Ah, Mother’s Day. This is my fourth one and it’s been the best one yet. The temperatures were in the 70s, a bunch of family was over, we grilled and chilled all day – what’s not to love?

We stuck with tradition and headed to the park to take a picture of Riley and me in front of the same tree we’ve stood in front of for the last two years. I love that this has become a tradition and it’s really fun to look back at past pictures.

Riley, age 1.

Riley, age 2. (And no buds on the tree yet during that cold spring.

Riley, age 3. (And that tree has already flowered this year. Thanks, early spring!)

Is there anything more amazing than how fast the time flies once you have a child? We currently have virtually no inklings of babyhood left anymore. It’s all wide open, preschooler, little boy. He’s unbelievable – he signed his name on his grandmas’ Mother’s Day cards – by himself! He drew a robot (with a “wiener” but that is neither here nor there), and when I tucked him in bed tonight, he said, “Thank you for being my mama.” How did we get so lucky?

Here’s to hoping lightning strikes twice and we get another one just like him!

30 week baby bump. And an excited big brother.


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