He Gets So Emotional Baby

(Now that song is stuck in your head. You’re welcome.)

In the past few months, Riley as become a sensitive, emotional little 3-year old. Ever since he could talk, he’s always been empathetic. It’s really kind of unusual, I think. Even at 18-months old, if he heard a baby crying in the store, he’d always get very serious and ask why the baby was crying. When I lost my job and he saw me crying, he came over to me, teary-eyed and said, “Owwie,” while pointing at me. So from that time on, he’s always wondering why others aren’t happy and does what his little self can do to make others happy. Crazy.

But lately, his sympathy and empathy have reached new heights.

We listen to his CDs from Kindermusik class and some of the songs are slow and well, emotional, I guess. Listening to them, his eyes fill with tears, he comes to me for a tight hug and his sweet little face crumbles into a frown.

We’ve started doing the occasional movie night at home with classic movies like Bambi, Beauty and the Beast and Monsters, Inc. Each time, at the happily-ever-after ending of these movies, Riley lets the crocodile tears fall and needs extra hugs.

Yesterday, when Derek left the house with me not feeling well, he told Riley to take good care of me. Riley came over to me and slowly and quietly sang, Oh My Darling Clementine.

“Aww, was that a lullaby for me?” I asked him.

“Yeah,” he croaked and the tears started flowing. I asked him why he was crying.

“That song made me sad,” he said.

Apparently we’ve got ourselves a sweet, sensitive boy who gets easily moved by movies and music. And we think that’s pretty awesome.


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