Snap Crackle Pop

For the past month or two, I’ve had a very weird pregnancy symptom. Randomly, and when the baby is moving around, I hear an audible pop come from my belly.

Weird, right? I know…

I did not have this with Riley and I see no logical thing that the baby could be doing in there that I would be able to hear outside of my body. Last week, Derek finally heard it too. I’m not crazy! Woohoo!

I found a message board on Babycenter talking about this exact same thing. Unfortunately, no one could offer much insight. It seemed like just about everyone said it was either amniotic fluid sloshing around in there, or the baby’s joints cracking.

Last week when I went to the doctor, I brought it up even though I knew there was a slight chance I’d get raised eyebrows and a “What on earth are you talking about?”

Luckily, I got neither, but she admitted she never heard of this before. And never read about it in her medical books. But assured me that it’s probably nothing, and it’s probably not the baby, but my intestines passing fluid or something. She quickly nixed the idea of fluid sloshing or baby’s joints cracking. 

I guess sometimes in pregnancy, weird things happen. And apparently, I’m a prime example of that.


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