One Week Alone

I just completed one full week alone with a 3-year old, a dog, a full time job, a house and being 33 weeks pregnant. I should get a medal, right? Right.

My husband had a great opportunity to take a long-ago planned camping trip with the guys to Colorado and Utah. He had the best time. He deserved to go. He got to take awesome pictures like this one:

Amazing, right?

Even though when push came to shove, I desperately didn’t want him to leave. I knew I had to suck it up and make it through the 7 days as a single parent. Whilst pregnant. Really pregnant.


While I knew I’d miss Derek horribly, I knew Riley would miss him just as much or more than me. Since Riley and Derek are together all day while I’m at work, I wasn’t sure how the schedule change would affect our little man. Turns out, we’re still dealing with it, and Derek has been home for 5 days.

My parents took turns watching Riley during the day while I worked. The first few days, and the weekend, were fine. We had lots of fun plans, so it was pretty much smooth sailing. However, I couldn’t believe how much more tired I was than usual. Seriously. By 8:30, with Riley tucked in bed, I could barely keep my eyes open.

After 5 days of no daddy and a new schedule, I came home from work to an over-tired, crazy, practically unmanageable little boy. He’d cry at the drop of a hat, and more than anything, he whined like nothing I’ve ever heard before. His favorite whine? “I want my mommy!” Which he would say even while he was clinging to my leg as I made dinner.

But we made it through, and I’m really proud. Riley and I had fun together. We made memories and we enjoyed our time with it being just the two of us (and the dog). He really is my best friend (besides my husband) and my little sidekick. Though now he’s still very clingy to both of us. He now tells me, “I’m glad you came home” when I get home from work. And there’s lots of “I want my mommy”‘s and “I want my daddy”‘s.

Derek came home late on Friday night, while Riley was already sound asleep. The next morning, Riley woke up early and crept into our bedroom. He didn’t notice Daddy under the covers next to me.

“Mommy,” he whispered.

“Riley! Guess who’s home,” I said. He peered over me and squealed, “DADDY!”

It was genuine, heartfelt and something I know Derek will never forget.

And he has already promised that next year’s trip will only be 4 or 5 days. Hallelujah!


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