One of the first realizations I had when I became a parent over three years ago, is the fact that I’m never alone. It all comes down to the fact that you cannot come and go as you please once you become a parent. Every trip to the store, every dinner with friends, every trip to the gym, requires pre-planning to make sure that you’re the only one alone – not the baby.

And in my three years as a parent, I can honestly say I’ve spent very little time alone. Especially in our house. Most of that is my doing because, get this, I like my child and actually want to spend time with him. Go figure.

But seeing that I am now 35 weeks pregnant and um….we’re going to have another baby soon, or something … Daddy needed to step in for Riley’s summer swimming class. I accompanied the boys to their first class, but after sitting on metal bleachers for an hour in a super humid and really, really hot high school pool room, I knew I couldn’t do it regularly. It’s. Just. Too. Hot.

So that means that I get over an hour to myself. At my house. Alone. In the quiet.

Tonight was my first night and I wondered, what am I going to use this time for? I contemplated doing the Risky Business/Tom Cruise sliding across the floor in my underwear, but I ultimately decided against it. I’m in that stage of pregnancy where all my underwear give me wedgies.

So instead, I loaded the dishwasher! Woo! Then I cleaned the kitchen! Uninterrupted.

I went and watered my vegetable garden and the flowers in the front yard. Alone.

I took our pup Lola for a walk, sans stroller. I wasn’t the only one who thought it felt weird. She kept looking up at me like, “Seriously? It’s just me and you on a walk? Fo realz? Like old times?” Apparently she’s forgotten how to walk on a leash without being next to a stroller because she could not walk a straight line at all. Or maybe she was a drunk dog.

I also used the time to get even more prepared for this impending baby. I dug out the infant car seat carrier and threw it in the wash. I cannot believe we will soon be lugging that heavy contraption around again.

So I guess my hour and a half alone isn’t exactly exciting or riveting or anything like that, but sometimes – especially when you’re a parent – little mundane things, like an uninterrupted hour alone are just as good as sleeping in, or a cold beer on a hot day. At least at this point in my life, they are.


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