Pregnancy #2 – Week 35

Pregnancy #2 is flying by. And I feel incredibly pregnant. No surprises there!

Since I last reported a pregnancy #2 update, I have jinxed myself. Last time, I mentioned that I wasn’t yet getting up during the night to pee and heartburn had not woken me up at all yet. Lies! I get up to pee every night around 3, and I’ve had some excrutiating heartburn lately.

But that pales in comparisson to the fact that I haven’t been able to breathe lately. As in, gasping for air is waking me up. I figure it’s a combination of horrible seasonal allergies (did you know allergies can actually get worse during pregnancy? I couldn’t make this up) and the fact that this baby is so high up in my ribs. So depending on who you ask, that means that I’m having either a boy or a girl. Really, it’s odd how adamant people are, “No, I heard if the baby is high it’s a girl!” “No, if the baby is up high, it’s a boy!!” For what it’s worth, I have heard, and I pretty much believe, that if you carry the baby high, it’s a boy. We’ll see if that’s right in about 5 weeks. Aaahhh!

So, here are a few comparisson belly shots from pregnancy #1 and pregnancy #2.

On the left, pregnancy #1 – 32 weeks. On the right, pregnancy #2 – 32 weeks.

On the left, pregnancy #1 – 35 weeks. On the right, pregnancy #2 – 35 weeks.

Sheesh, that belly just won’t quit. No, no it won’t.

I’ve also been getting mixed messages from people at work. The vast majority of my co-workers have been soooo nice to me. They tell me I’m not waddling yet and that I don’t even look pregnant from behind. Sweet! A different lady at work was like, “when are you due?” and I told her. To which she replied, “You’re going to have a big baby. Are you sure there’s only one in there?” Why do people think they can make comments like that to pregnant women? Don’t they know you just lie and tell the pregnant woman that she looks great, even if she doesn’t? Ugh.

On a happier note, Riley’s Pregnancy Funny:

Today, Riley asked if we could name the baby Aflac. And then he asked if the baby was going to come  out of the hole on my belly. I think he was referring to my belly button because he asked if the hole would just get bigger and the baby would come out. Derek and I exchanged uncomfortable glances and I said, “No, the baby isn’t going to come out of the hole in my belly.”

“How is the baby going to come out?” asked my three-year old!

“I have to work really hard and push the baby out,” I said.

“You can do it, Mommy. You’re strong.”

I asked Derek to remind me of that statement while in labor. I love that kid.


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