Divine IRA Intervention

Planning for my impending maternity leave has been an eye-opening experience. I didn’t know how good I had it at my last job when they offered full pay for 6 weeks (followed by the remaining unpaid 6 weeks that FMLA offers). At that time, I opted to use 2 weeks of vacation and get fully paid for my 8-week maternity leave.

This time around, with a different job, they offer ….4 weeks at 60% of my normal pay rate. Ugh. Seriously? I know some companies offer absolutely nothing (which is absolutely ridiculous, in my opinion), but I work for a company of over 200 people, which makes over $30 million per year. You would think we could get some better benefits.

Anyway, the other day, Derek compiled how much money we will exactly need to bank before baby #2 arrives and my income drops dramatically. We’ve been saving up for months, and as of Derek’s calculations, we were just a couple hundred dollars away from where we needed to be and we still have 4 weeks to go until my due date. Nice, right?

That day I came home from work, after talking to my HR representative and figuring out which weeks I will receive no pay at all. I told Derek that now at least we know the days we’ll have to eat Hamburger Helper for dinner.

Amidst the pile of mail on the counter was one from Wells Fargo. I almost threw it away. I get so many credit card and refinancing offers, it’s not unusual for me to rip something up and throw it away without opening it.

Well it’s a good thing I opened it.

The enclosed letter informed me that Wells Fargo had tried to reach me several times but to no avail. On the letter was printed my maiden name and my address before we bought our house five years ago. As I read through the letter, my eyes widened.

Apparently, I have an IRA that I completely forgot about. It was opened in 2008. It contains $1,700. I never knew it existed. It’s like winning the lottery! The letter stated that if they didn’t hear from me after this letter, my money would become assets of the state.

I immediately called the number to get some details and make sure this is legit. It is.

At first, I assumed I would just roll it over into my existing IRA. Then I thought, no, if there’s ever time that we need extra money, it’s now. We’re going to have a mountain of medical bills (thanks crappy health insurance!), not to mention lost wages during my maternity leave, not to mention the expenses of having Riley start private preschool, and um….adding another person to our lives (and health insurance). So yes, we need the money.

And no, it could not have come at a better time.

I really feel like maybe this is some form of divine intervention. Or karma coming back and being kind to me. Either way, I’m thankful and this a welcome way to rid my pregnant self of some stress.


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