10 Days Old

Dear Charlotte,

Today is your due date. And you’re 10 days old! Thanks for coming early! That’s awesome.

I’m continually amazed at what a sweet baby you are. As long as you’re fed and held for a while, you’re content. You have deep blue eyes and love to just sit silently and look around the room. Your brother was a handful pretty much from day one – could it be that you will give us a break? Maybe? Please?

Speaking of your brother, I dare say there is no one who loves you more in the world. He always wants to be near you, looking at you, touching you, holding your pinky. He can’t get enough. He calls you “my baby” or “our baby.” He’s going to be your best friend for life, I just know it.

Your umbilical cord stump fell off yesterday, which surprised me. Really? Your time attached to me in the womb is officially over? I don’t remember that happening so quickly with your brother. But it probably did.

We’re taking tons of pictures of you. As a second child myself, there are noticeably less photos of me than my sister and I want you to always know how loved and appreciated you are. And if that means oodles of photos of you every day of your life, then that’s what we’re going to do.

Thank you for coming into our lives. Maybe could you start sleeping a liiiiiiittle bit longer at night? Thanks.




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