One Month

Dear Charlotte,

Today you are one month old. At times it seems like there’s no way you’ve been with part of our family for four whole weeks. And other times it feels like you’ve been here forever. You’re such a happy, sweet baby and we are so thankful.

You love to eat. You love to sleep. You’re just like your mommy! Seriously though, a few nights you’ve slept four hours straight. It’s amazing.

You have the deepest blue eyes (which I assume will someday turn green like mine and your brother’s) and you love to silently look around the room and take everything in. Sometimes it looks like you’re moving in slow motion, but I really think you are just trying to figure out your surroundings.

Your dad and I joke that you are the gruntiest baby on Earth. I usually feed you for the last time in the morning around 5 or 6 and when I put you back in your basinet, you usually lie awake for a good hour just grunting and shifting around. I have no idea if it’s because you can’t get comfortable, if you hate being swaddled, if you’re digesting your meal, or if you just like the sound of your own grunts. Either way, it makes us a little bleary-eyed in the morning, but we still love you. No worries.

Watching your developing relationship with your brother has been amazing this last month. He loves you SO much. He’s always been such a sweet, sensitive little boy, but that has increased ten fold. Last night I had dinner with some friends and took you along. When we came home, Riley asked if I could bring you over to him, so he could see your “beautiful eyes.” He also refers to you as “the princess.” We have never referred to you as the princess or remarked about your beautiful eyes (though they ARE beautiful!), so I think he just came up with this on his own. He’s a special one, your big brother. But I think you already know that. One morning I was feeding you in the bedroom and Riley started singing loudly in the living room. And I swear you perked up at the sound of his voice and smiled. I know it’s probably not a “real” smile yet, just an involuntary reflex, but I think deep down you knew it was him and you responded to it. You guys are already BFFs. I love it.

Thank you for being our special little girl girl. We can’t wait to watch you grow.




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